Floof n Friends: Thank you

I really tried to get this out for Valentine's day, so I hope this is close enough lol.

Links and stuff below.

Most active place, doodles, screenshots, updates on progress, etc.

Using this place to host images if I make any pictures bigger than a doodle, until I find a better site for stuff like that.

Streams of working on animations, sometimes games.

Patreon Tip Jar

Since I text wall'd the first one, thought I'd just drop a few facts.

I'll start with why this one took so long.
I started this in August 2021.
There were a lot of delys lol.
The first few months went okay.
But since I'm still a one-person team literally learning as I go, I'm going fairly slow compared to how fast I used to be.
Covid hit me really hard early 2022. Took me maybe 4 months to finally feel okay again.
Like a month later, my tablet broke and that took another 3 to 4 months to send in and fix.
Late 2022 my kitty that I've had for at least 13 years passed away. Took a while to climb out of that pit of depression.
There were also plenty of weeks I was just consumed by stress and depression from not working for most of the year in between all of that. And it ironically caused me to not feel motivated to do anything.
2022 was a miserable time for me lol.

Some actual fun facts:
The scene around 1:00 was the first scene I animated for this.
There's about 4500 frames.
I tried my best to do all the voice sounds myself.
The reporter is voiced by the first friend I ever made in the MLP fandom @DeonRMitchell
We've been friends for like 10 years now. :)
He also enjoys voice acting, if you're looking to hire someone.
One of my top favorite things I did for this was that stupid looking waddle walk cycle for pony Fluffle at the end.
I also hope you like my knock-off, hopefully copyright avoiding, bug horse.
I think she's pretty. :)

I'm still sorry these are taking so long.
It really eats at me most nights.
But these characters still mean the absolute world to me, and I never plan to stop.
I know how much they mean to you, too.
I still get so much love and praise for them, even after all these years.
I even turned a whole wall in my home to hang all the personal notes and art people have given me in person.
I still don't feel okay with who I am as a person, but I've at least felt like I'm on a good path now.
And knowing all of you still support me this much despite how slow I've become genuinely fills me with energy that's been really helping me push through.
Thank you for sticking around and being the brightest light in my life.
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