FNF vs Suicide Mouse - Happy (HORROR Mickey Mouse)

In this video, we will be doing rap battle against Suicide Mouse, also known as "suicidemouse.avi", is a black-and-white cartoon featuring a looped animation of the Disney character Mickey Mouse walking along with several buildings accompanied by eerie piano music.

I don't think this is HORROR enough. What do you guys think ?
Can't wait for the Sequel which is Happy Mouse.EXE!!!!!!!!!!!

Not all fnf mods song I can FC tho xD but i will try my best xD so we all can enjoy the gameplay with less or no misses sound effects.
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Creator's Note :

One night on the town you're spending some time with your hot girlfriend when a certain rodent bumps into you. You're excited to see it's the one and only Mickey Mouse! But he seems more... down than usual. Eh, everyone has their off days. You offer him a song to cheer him up. Little do you know how much of a mistake that truly is...

#suicidemouse #creepypasta

Credits :

Sunday Night Suicide
A Mod For Friday Night Funkin'
Maymays4days https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5LWfrKwqWXLxgr_yVddFNQ/videos

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#fnf #topgameplay
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