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EMD is the story of a constant chase between a cunning hungry fox and three chicks Eena, Meena & Deeka. The fox is forever on the prowl of the chicks and the chicks are always ready to spoil his plans.

Angry and defeated, the fox is even more determined to get his targets, with each consequent failure.

Meet the characters:

** EENA **
He is the brain of the family. The intelligent, smart, studious hi-tech gadget. He is the one who ends up providing solutions for all the problems that constantly crop up. He dotes on his siblings, brother Deeka & sister Meena, and will not leave a single stone unturned for their sake.

** MEENA **
She is the beauty of the family - a little spoilt though, she is nonetheless, the darling of the entire household.
This young lady is permanently dolled up, with oodles of make-up regardless of the occasion. Everyone loves her.
And Meena? Well she loves everyone of course but sometimes we feel maybe she likes make-up most!

** DEEKA **
He is the brawn of the family - with one problem, he loves eating. In fact he is a foodie. His soul food is popcorn.
He has a special gift, his strength surfaces only when the family is in trouble and then he is capable to do things that make the enemies wish they had never messed with him or his family.

** FOXIE **
He is the classic shrewd fox. His one obsession is to gobble up Eena, Meena and Deeka. He is constantly devising cunning plans to trap them and eat them.
But unfortunately for him his constant efforts constantly fail, thanks to the trio's inventiveness and togetherness
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