Friday Night Funkin' VS Youtube Poop Invasion Full Week (FNF Mod/Hard) (Weegee/Sonic/Zelda/YTP)

Friday Night Funkin' VS YTP Invasion (FULL WEEK/DEMO) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This is a mod by StashClub:
Official YTP Invasion Twitter:

VS YTP Mod Download link:

This time we battle a lot of the characters from the Youtube Poop videos like Luigi/WeeGee, Sonic as Sanic, The King from Zelda, and Dr. Octopus/Octogonapus. This mod reminded me of Deepercutt and CraaazyCat13, they don't seem to upload ytp anymore. Surprisingly all of the songs here sound pretty nice. It's not really a joke mod even though it looks like it. YouTube Poop (YTP) is a style of video that is considered to be a mashup of pre-existing clips and editing it for the purpose of entertainment, funny humor, shock and/or confusion,

We'll be playing it on very hard mode for all VS Youtube Poop Invasion songs. Youtube Poop Invasion has 4 songs available in this mod. Animation/cutscenes, about 3 weeks and a secret bonus song in freeplay. I call it secret because everyone almost always forgets to check there.

Can Boyfriend and Girlfriend defeat these characters from the YTP or will bf/gf lose?

Game Note by StashClub: HAPPY 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, YTP! Weegee's back and this time he actually has a GOOD modFace off against Weegee, the King, and Dr. Octogonapus in a journey through YouTube!

This mod includes:
-Three songs (Anchored, Blaster, and Lazer)
-A new opponent to fight for each song
-Awesome cutscenes
-Very cool stepmania charts
-Custom sentence mixing
-Awesome menu art
-It pinches back whenever there's smoke

Youtube Poop Invasion (FULL WEEK UPDATE) Timestamp:
00:00 Animation 1
00:16 Intro
00:34 Menu
00:39 All Weeks | Story Mode
00:49 Anchored Song (Weegee Vs BF)
03:31 Animation 2
03:52 Blaster Song (King vs BF)
06:02 Animation 3
06:29 Lazer Song (Octogonapus vs BF)
08:23 Mlgchrome Song | Monochrome (Sanic vs BF)
10:55 Outro - CommunityGame

Mod Creators for Youtube Poop Invasion below:
VS YTP (+ Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:
StashClub - Composed Anchored, did King sprites, fixed up charts:
Official YTP Invasion Twitter:
mark - did weegee assets:
PSL3 - Did Dr. Octogonapus sprites:
ZertyGB - Composed Lazer, also animated the third cutscene:
agvids - Composed Blaster:
Thieviouss - Composed BG Tracks For Cutscenes:
Tachin (Menu Music):
LixianPrime - Helped implement the King:
saqzar - Implemented basically everything tysm saqzar:
AveryDoesStuffs - coded in the menu stuff:
santups - very awesome coder who did special stuff/coded mlgchrome:
MrChompsAlot - Anchored Charter:
Yamz - Lazer Charter:
SuperMarioMan1 - Creator of the first and second cutscenes:
Type_44 - Animator for the weegee cutscene:

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