From Giga Rich to Broke / 11 LOL Surprise DIY

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Rainbow Family and Dark Family / 10 LOL OMG DIYs:
Losing a fortune and becoming broke is a great tragedy. How did the LOL Surprise doll cope with this? Watch in our new video.

#GigaRich #Broke #LOLSurprise

Supplies and tools
● Hot glue gun
● scissors
● utility knife
● acrylic paint
● brushes
● ruler
● Glitter foam paper
● fabric
● tulle
● glitter
● rhinestones
● stick
● plastic ring
● printed money
● little coins
● felt cloud
● half beads
● elastic ribbon
● gold fabric
● felt
● faux wool
● different kinds of straws
● wooden and plastic sticks
● metal gears
● beads
● thick cardboard
● mirror foam paper
● artificial hair
● glitter tulle
● gold lace
● accessory crown
● net
● starfish and seashells
● light clay
● fishing line
● metal rings

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