Funny cartoons for kids & Full episodes cartoon - Leo the truck & a swing boat - New games for cars.

Come and join Leo the Truck and play new games for cars and vehicles in funny cartoons for kids. Watch a new full episodes cartoon and learn about cars and trucks with Leo! Let's help Leo to build a swing boat for Lea the Truck, Lifty the forklift, Scoop the excavator and funny robots for kids. How will Leo build a new attraction for friends? Let's find out together!

00:00 - Leo and a swing boat
07:20 - Leo and surprise eggs
14:30 - Leo and a new toy
20:17 - Leo and the water slides
26:40 - Leo and a fountain
34:15 - Leo and a new game
40:05 - Leo and a bouncy castle
47:05 - Leo and a ghost train
54:00 - Leo and a ferry
1:01:15 - Leo and Christmas

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