Garou's DEATH, Saitama NEW GODLY POWER is BUSTED & BROKE Reality! Saitama VS God (One Punch Man 169)

One Punch Man Manga released One Punch Man Chapter 169 where the story of Saitama has changed forever from the one punch man web comic! Saitama vs Garou aka Saitama vs Cosmic Garou has altered the timeline and even the original events we read from the webcomic. Garou has just died! But before he goes to the afterlife, Garou goes back to see Tareo for one last time and gives a big smile as he knows he is safe now! However Now that future Garou has died and Present Garou has been defeated, He no longer has a will to live! With his powers gone and his plans ruin he lets everyone hit him without protecting himself but this is when King and Saitama show up and after some words of wisdom, they revive Garous's will to leave and allow him to space! With this, the War arc has ended and with have entered the Final Saga of One Punch Man!

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