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In Malachi 3, we see that the children of Israel are still oblivious to their disobedience. God desires something from His children. God desires that His children give their best. God wants us to serve and live for Him not because we have to but because we want to in response to what He has already done. The children of Israel are questioning why they should do and give more to God when they see the lost prospering around them in the world. When we hear the word fear, we think that’s how we are supposed to feel about God. That’s not what biblical fear is about. Biblical fear is not being scared but is having a reverence and awe of knowing who is in charged. God didn't call us to isolate either. He calls us to assemble together to stand in awe of who is He. Watch this sermon in this sixth part of our Genuine Worship series walking through the book of Malachi.

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