George Flies a Kite! (Full Episode) | Curious George | Animated Cartoons For Children

Enjoy the first ever episode of Curious George!

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Series 1 Episode 1: Curious George Flies A Kite/From Scratch

A gusty morning at the country house leads George to experiment with aerodynamics. / Gnocchi, the cat, is accused of scratching the booths in Chef Pisghetti's restaurant. To prove Gnocchi's innocence (and eat cannoli), George decides to mount an investigation.

George is a good little monkey…and always very curious! For over 80 years, the adventures of George and his friend The Man With the Yellow Hat have been delighting children with their playfulness and fun. The TV show reveals how curiosity is a building block of learning, as it introduces simple science, technology, engineering and math concepts to the youngest viewers.b #AnimatedCartoonsForKids
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