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We can't get enough of Magnolia and so can't you, enjoy a second edition of our best Magnolia moments!

George of the Jungle | Season 2 | Episode 7 | Bananium Deficiency

George and Magnolia go bananas for bananas. They are crazy for the yellow and it's not like they're going to run out, right? They run out.

George of the Jungle | Season 2 | Episode 11 | Valley of the Magnolias

Tired of being the bottom of the food chain, Magnolia has herself classified an endangered species. She's thrilled with life in the first-class section of the jungle, until George and Ape decide to teach her a lesson and have her placed in her own personal zoo...

George of the Jungle | Season 2 | Episode 12 | For Science

Magnolia sees Ursula as her ticket to academic fame and eagerly sells the feral jungle girl down the river. But when Magnolia sees what losing her freedom would mean to Ursula, she unleashes her own inner jungle girl…

George of the Jungle | Season 2 | Episode 24 | Trial By Jungle

Magnolia has never felt like she 'fit in' in the jungle – a feeling only made worse when she's abandoned by her friends in the wild. Does nobody like her!? But what seems like an epic ordeal of survival just turns out to be a really, really badly planned party thrown for her by her friends.

George of the Jungle | Season 2 | Episode 21 | The Flavour of Science

Science is hard. At least Magnolia thinks it is... until she discovers Crunchbugs. Not only are they delicious, but they make her brain work a thousand times better! Soon she's fulfilling all her science dreams by winning a Nobel prize and becoming the most famous scientist ever! Actually, she nearly wipes out an entire species and transforms into a bug.

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► Meet the Characters of George of the Jungle

George – A friendly, yet dim-witted vine-swinging man in a loincloth, he lives in a jungle in Africa Possessing incredible strength, bravery and a penchant for repeatedly crashing into trees while vine-swinging, George acts as the protector of all the jungle's inhabitants. He also acts immature and speaks in the grammatical person.

Ape – A sarcastic and intelligent gorilla that lives with George in the jungle. He functions as George's surrogate brother, parental-figure and best friend, although his attempts to educate George have a long history of repeated failures. He also tends to serve as the voice of reason most of the time. In "George's Birthday Present", it is revealed Ape is 5 years old in ape years. Every time he hears the sound of Mitch's bongos, he dances uncontrollably which results in mass insanity and the destruction of their Tree House and he dances on his fingers when George uses a leaf as a Kazoo as revealed in "Ape Goes Ape".

Ursula: A tomboyish city girl who came to live in the jungle with George and his friends along with her father Dr. Scott. He quickly forms a bond with Ursula, causing the two to be frequently seen together. Young, reckless and eager to introduce modern culture into the jungle, she often tries to educate her new friends to the marvels of modern city life (such as Christmas or traffic systems), only to usually have her attempts backfire. Regardless, she does her best to assist her friends when necessary. She is still adjusting to jungle life, and so she still has much to learn.

Magnolia: A native of the jungle and valley girl figure, she is one of George's closest friends since she came to the jungle. Despite her dressing in jungle attire (such as loincloths and sticks) as well as fits of hyperactivity, she originally appeared to be very well educated in both human and jungle knowledge, often helping to bridge the gap between Magnolia's city life and jungle life. She speaks with a Southern accent, and can appear somewhat dimwitted at times. She is the daughter of the Witch Doctor.

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