Giant Christmas Snowman! | BEST OF DIGLEY AND DAZEY CARTOONS! - Trucks For Kids!

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Digley and Dazey, two best friends who love to get in all sorts of adventures together with other construction truck pals. Through their adventures, there are lots of lessons to be learnt and fun to be had.

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Building a Giant Snowman 00:00
Dazey is Sick 02:06
Water Wheel Water Slide 04:10
Windmill Panic - Snowed In 06:14
The Secret Christmas Tree - Recycling with Friends 08:20
Accidents Happen - Dazey Takes a Tumble! 10:30
Work Together As A Team 12:37
Baby Kitten Rescue 14:40
Solar Power to the Rescue 16:41
Windy Day at the Farm - Save the Sheep 18:46
Mrs. Skip Gets Stuck on a Boat 20:49
Digley & Dazey’s School Soccer Showdown!! 22:55
What Are The Bunnies Up To? - Building a Barn 24:59
Crazy Golf Course - Hole In One! 27:04
Don't Fall Off The Bridge! - Construction Teamwork 29:15
Digging Up Dinosaur Bones 31:22
Windy Day Makes Accidents Happen - Teamwork Makes Wind Power! 33:24
Let's Build a Car Wash - The Paint Problem! 35:26
Counting Block Castle - STEM Learning for Kids 37:26

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