Girl Protects Boy From Witches Who Want His Body & "White Stuff"

Honoka is an average high school student living a quiet life. His mundane existence is only recognized whenever it involves the most popular girl in their school, who also happens to be his seatmate, Ayaka. Despite not talking to her, any interaction Honoka has with the “Princess” will result in him getting bullied by her jealous fans. As if that isn’t enough, one day, Honoka almost dies in a surprise attack by a mysterious witch. Thinking he’s already in heaven, he’s dumbfounded to find himself in the arms of Ayaka. She tells him that she’s a fire witch whose mission is to protect him. Since that day, Honoka’s life has never been the same as he discovers more things about the Workshop Witches, who protect the citizens, and Tower Witches, who aim to obtain the power within him.

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