Grimmjow Rework / First Ever Rework in ABA / Anime Battle Arena Showcase


Grimmjow Rework Showcase on Anime battle Arena(ABA) On roblox!
Anime battle arena is a cool game by the way

Awaited by years of playing ABA, to finally see a rework!
Finally ABA has a first rework ever!
A grimmjow rework! Aka the shittiest espada, finally it is a good character now.
Probably gonna do a ranked vid on him later, oh by the way
Watch my ranked vids they are funny
#ABA #Showcase #Grimmjow #Rework

Grimmjow Jaggerjuaz from Bleach in ABA Anime Roblox Play Roblox Online
ABA new update Kira Vegito Iskandar Accelerator
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