"GT99 against Soviet Mutants" Cartoons about tanks

In this cartoon about tanks: on the orders of King Dorian, the Iron Monster GT99 is sent to Earth A38. His goal is to find out what happened and why the Soviet steel monsters transformed into biomutants. The GT-99 will fight against super powerful tanks such as the KV44 and KV45. Do you think this steel giant will be able to win such difficult tank battles? If you are interested in finding out, then watch this cartoon about tanks and you will find out the result of this confrontation. Hopefully if you like World of Tanks game and animation then this video will catch your attention. Subscribe to Valhalla Toons channel in order not to miss new videos featuring GT-99 and of course thanks for watching! #valhalla_toons #cartoons_about_tanks #tanks #world_of_tanks_cartoon #tanks_animation #dorian
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