Guilty Conscience | A Wings of Fire OC AMV

Okay so this thing took forever :0 Yea uh it was SO fun to make palette guides and stuff for each shot and I’m pretty happy with the final result! This is definitely the most high effort animation I’ve ever completed and it had so many layers of shading for each frame asdjlkfkjd just thinking about the lipsync shots make me shudder- Overlay layers are literally the best thing ever aaaa Also like for some reason I have a lot more motivation for symbolic type videos instead of videos showing a story start to finish so take that as you will lol-

Btw this is a prize for an art contest I hosted a while ago and the oc featured belongs to Sour! (tysm for being so flexible and letting me change the entire concept heh… Also sorry it took me 5 months to finish something but uh anyways yea Sour’s art is SO GOOD please go sub to them rn!): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0nKUIkfXlzOHjLFo9Q0cqA

✦ Credits ✦
Art: SkyeSpark (me lol)
Time: ~20 hours
Animation: FlipaClip (sketch), Procreate (final)
Characters (in order of appearance): Frostbite
Endcard Character: n/a
Editing: CapCut
Tweening: CuteCutPro
#skye600artcon #wingsoffire #wof #wingsoffireamv #wofocs #wingsoffireocs #wofamv #wofanimation

✦ Audio ✦
Guilty Conscience: https://youtu.be/64T2HbnDWwg

✦ Thanks for watching ✦
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Tysm for reading the description :)
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