Healthy Mind Pt6 | How To Find True Peace | Pastor Ghilaine Darnell

This week Pastor Ghilaine continued the teaching of Part 6 of the Healthy Mind series. Last week we learned that an unhealthy mind could be treated with meditation. This week we learned that peace will treat the unhealthy mind. The world is plagued by stress and being overwhelmed by the issues of life. People are looking for ways to cope with their stressors on their own. We were not designed to stress or be overwhelmed but to have peace. Peace is the cure to an unhealthy mind.

  To find peace you must understand Lordship. Are you Lord over your life, or is God. The only way to fix the issues of life is to make God Lord over your life. That does not mean some areas, but all areas. When He becomes Lord you will begin to see the changes around you. There is no stress in the Kingdom.

  Your mind must be healthy and have peace to hear God. Not only do you need to listen to Him, but you must also obey His instruction. Turn off the noise distracting you and listen with your spiritual ears to what He is saying. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you, then listen. Only then will you begin to have peace in your life.
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