Hello Little Fishies + 90 Minutes of Fun Sing Along Songs by Little Angel Playtime

Baby John and family enjoy a day outside by the lake! They go fishing, have a picnic and play fun water games!

Watch this fun sing along video for kids by Little Angel #littleangelplaytime #littleangelplaytimenurseryrhymes #BabyJohn

Down by the lake.
Where we see the little fish.
Let’s pull the rod
And make a wish!

Oh look at that
Look what we’ve caught,
This isn’t good, it’s just a boot!
Down by the lake.

Down by the lake.
We can play all day.
Eat sandwiches
Pass time away.

But if you fish
Just be aware,
These fish are wise, and love to surprise!
Down by the lake.

We swim for fun.
But watch your feet
You might trip up.

Stay close to me
I’ll keep you safe,
We can have fun, all day in the sun
Down by the lake.

We splish and splash.
We jump around
Stomp on the ground.

But so you know
Don’t go off alone,
If we stay together, things will be better!
Down by the lake.

Down by the lake
There’s so many things to do
We play and dance
And pretend too!

It’s not just fish
That make it fun,
We’ll play a game, be happy that you came
Down to the lake.

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