Herculoids Explored - True Progenitor of Sword & Sorcery Cartoons In The World, An Underrated Gem

If you were a kid during the 60s, Saturday morning cartoons probably had a special place in your heart. The variety was delightful, and even though the animated shows lacked the finesse and style that was developed later in the 80s and 90s, they were still fun to watch. From the spinach-powered sailorman to the hilarious antics of The Flintstones, the content was brimming with talent and the 60s went on to deliver some sensational characters that are loved even today.
Amidst the wide wealth of heart-warming cartoon shows from the 60s, we decided to bring you our pick from the lot. Some have faded away with time, while others got developed further in the years to come, but all of them entertained kids with their pure, unadulterated episodes. In this video, let us celebrate the past by walking down memory lane and revisiting the days of simplicity and joyous animated content!
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