Hermitcraft Season 8 Finale Animation - How Far We've Come

After five very long months, it's finally completed. This animation is a tribute to Hermitcraft Season 8's final story arc, the moon crashing into the server.

This was my first ever season watching Hermitcraft and I wanted to find a way to honor the memory of it in the best way I know how, animating ALL 26 hermits and their "endings" on the server. For the members who didn't have proper endings to their seasons, I tried my best to include shots that referenced their final videos in some way. I had to take creative liberties with some of them :)

For those who have checked in on all the sneak peaks and teasers I've given throughout these months on Twitter, Tumblr, and here on YouTube, thank you for sticking by me and giving me the motivation to finish this behemoth of a project.

Since the song I used is copyrighted, I cannot make a cent from this video. If you're feeling generous and would like to donate so I can produce more animations like this, please feel free on my Ko-Fi here: https://ko-fi.com/chrisrin

Song: How Far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty
Programs used: Photoshop CS6 for backgrounds, ToonBoom Harmony for animation, Sony Vegas Pro 14 for editing, Aegisub for subtitle editing.

This video features the following people:
@GeminiTay @PearlescentMoon @BdoubleO100 @cubfan135 @docm77 @EthosLab @FalseSymmetry @GoodTimesWithScar @Grian @Hypnotizd @iJevin @impulseSV @iskall85 @JoeHillsTSD @Keralis @Mumbo Jumbo @rendog @Stressmonster101 @Tango Tek @TinfoilChef's Gaming Channel @VintageBeef @Welsknight Gaming @xBCrafted @xisumavoid @ZedaphPlays @ZombieCleo

I think my next project will be a little more simple, but for now I'll be taking a break from animation to focus on summer classes (though Double Life has me super intrigued).

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also technically, happy one year anniversary to the beginning of HC S8! it was actually a complete coincidence that this happened to fall on the exact same date. i'd say it's fate :)
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