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Dad and Miao are going to bake a cake, following the recipe in their cookbook, when Tua flies over to them. As Dad and Miao carefully follow the recipe, counting out the proper amount of each ingredient, a tricky Tua sneaks in some ingredients of his own. The result is a cake that smells so delicious Dad and Tua each want to dive in and eat the whole cake! Miao thinks about it and knows what will make everyone happy. She carefully cuts the cake into three equal portions so they can each enjoy their own equal piece of the cake.

Every day, to transform out of his secret identity as a mild mannered suburban father, DAD dons rubber kitchen gloves, a speedo and rubber rain boots over his jeans, a tablecloth for a cape, and the pièce of résistance, a silly blue “hero” mask over his eyes… and voilà! DAD is now HERO DAD!! In every episode, DAD teaches MIAO how to solve challenging situations that every 3-year-old has to face: Do superheroes wash their hands before eating? Why wouldn’t superheroes throw trash on the ground? Are superheroes brave even if they like to sleep with a little night light?

HERO DAD guides MIAO through the everyday lessons of a 3-year-old’s life, as a superhero… albeit a clumsy superhero that’s always getting himself into trouble! He is supposed to be the hero, but he always ends up being saved by MIAO, who in turn learns the lesson of the day in the best way possible: laughing and having so much fun with her DAD!
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