Hey Bear Sensory - Luna - Bed Time Video - Sleep - Relaxing Animation with Music for Sleep

Say hello to Luna! She's here to help you find a place of relaxation before you drift off for a good night's sleep! Soothing colours and a sky of sparkling stars bring calm as gentle, quiet music helps you wind down and settle.

Key features of this video

- Peaceful and calm animation to help you relax and wind down
- Beautiful music, carefully curated and mixed to create a stunning soundtrack to drift off to
- Soft colours and shimmering stars

Track list
Worth Fighting For - Ben Beiny
Quiet Tides - Taizo Audio
Lunar Explosion - Big Score Audio
Sailing at Midnight - Taizo Audio

Music tracks can be found on SoundStripe, PremiumBeat and YouTube Audio Library

You can download Hey Bear videos to watch offline from Wayokids!


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