HiDDEN GOLD RESCUE!! Niko & his Pirate Friends find Adley hiding in a buried Treasure Chest #shorts

Whos hiding in me pirate gold!

LET'S BE FRIENDS -- https://bit.ly/3OlyCKp

HEY EVERYBODY! This is it! The treasure map that Niko and the pirate crab crewmate found has led us to the final spot! Along the way we met a bunch of new friends! This time Niko, Pirate Crab and their pet monkey are all surfing to find the treasure when they see the Pirate Crab Captain digging in the sand! He is looking for the treasure too! Niko and his friends sneak up on the Captain and accidentally scare him! Niko looks around and sees the X MARKS THE SPOT! It was right next to the Captain and he didn't even notice! The Monkey and Pirate Crab start digging and they find a GiANT TREASURE CHEST! Everyone watches as the lid opens up! There so much gold inside! BUT WAiT! Something else is in there! All the gold gets launched into the air and ADLEY JUMPS OUT OF THE CHEST! She was hiding the treasure all along! Good job Adley and Niko!

my last video - TREASURE HiDE N SEEK!! Pirate Niko & his pets find the missing Gold Map in Adleys Playspace #shorts

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