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0:00 Home Sweet Home (Nursery)
2:39 Wheels On The Bus
5:35 Baby Bump
8:21 Mother's Day Song
11:33 Soccer Song (Football Song)
14:22 Pet Care
17:21 Cody's Finger Family
19:53 Bad Dream Song
22:50 I'm Going to be a Big Brother
Cody: Welcome home Kendi! C’mon, I’ll show you around!

Cody: This is the living room!

This is where we come together,
Come together, come together
This where we come together
In our home sweet home

Cody: The kitchen!

This is where we eat our food,
Eat our food, eat our food
This is where we eat our food
In our home sweet home

Cody: The backyard!

This is where we play outside,
Play outside, play outside
This is where we play outside
In our home sweet home

Cody: The bathroom!

This is where we wash our hands,
Wash our hands, wash our hands
This is where we wash our hands
In our home sweet home

Cody: My bedroom!

This is where we play with toys,
Play with toys, play with toys
This is where we play with toys
In our home sweet home

Cody: And best of all, here’s your room!

This is where you’ll sleep at night,
Sleep at night, sleep at night
This is where you’ll sleep at night
In your home sweet home

Cody: You’re gonna love it here. I promise
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