Honkai Impact 3rd All Cinematics Reaction

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honkai impact 3rd official playlist - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLX1bpH-W3ZCOeiqs3VciU_-R0geeK2XV

00:00 - Intro
00:42 - Introducing the Honkaiverse
07:05 - Reburn
10:12 - Will of the Herrscher
14:58 - Final Lesson
21:02 - Chapter XI EX CG
22:21 - Azure Waters
24:29 - Cyberangel Zero Exception
30:57 - Bronya
33:29 - Seele
39:11 - Meteoric Salvation
45:23 - Chapter XV CG
46:36 - 1st Discussion Break
49:54 - Honkai Operation Center 2 (low audio)
53:22 - Honkai Operation Center 2 (audio fixed)
01:03:52 - Lament of the Fallen
01:09:56 - Honkai-Verse Retrospect
01:12:49 - Honkai in a Nutshell
01:16:07 - Reawakening
01:18:17 - Shattered Samsara
01:24:21 - 2nd Discussion Break
01:35:57 - Fu Hua Operation Center
01:45:15 - Kiana Kaslana Chronicles
01:56:23 - Everlasting Flames
02:04:21 - Pre-Revelation
02:06:36 - Thus Spoke Apocalypse
02:15:33 - Because of You
02:23:46 - Final Discussion

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