Honkai Impact 3rd Animated Short: Because of You - Honkai Impact 3rd

She knew well that one should take all things with them when they pass on to save others from mourning.
She also knew well that she could never do it.
But what she left behind was too much... ubiquitous and perpetual.
So she decided to act willfully one last time.
All that she had seen, all that she had loved, and all that she had left behind...
She willfully compiled them into a book.
What she left behind is no more than a tale.
A story about a bygone era, about the thirteen who never became heroes...
It is a tale as simple as that.

This animated short is presented by miHoYo Anime. Its theme song TruE is produced by miHoYo's in-house music team HOYO-MiX and performed by Yellow Zero (黄龄).
*Spoiler Alert

Voice Artists:
Elysia: 宴宁
Herrscher of Corruption: 宴宁
Eden: 张安琪
Mobius: 林簌
Kalpas: kinsen
Vill-V: 阮从青
Aponia: 杨梦露
Sakura: 杜冥鸦
Su: 杨超然
Kevin: 秦且歌


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