@Hop Hop the Owl Baby Cartoon: Kids Learning Sounds with Educational Toys - A Toddler Learning Video

Watch a baby cartoon and a toddler learning video for kids and learn music with Hop Hop the Owl for kids! In this kids' video, watch Hop Hop the owl play with its new music toy for kids. Wow! What a great toy for kids! With Hop Hop, kids can learn numbers for kids, kids' colors, and more, all in one kids toy. Enjoy full episodes of toddler learning videos for babies and cartoons on the best channel for children - First Toons. Subscribe to our channel, play kids' games for babies, and watch cartoons for kids in English!

00:01 - Learn sounds for kids with learning toys for babies
02:58 - Learn numbers for kids and fruits with educational toys for babies. Hop Hop the owl bakes a cake
08:15 - A toy sorter bus for kids. Learn shapes for kids with learning toys for kids
12:31 - Learn colors with Hop Hop the owl and a toy wooden caterpillar

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