How Lie Detector Test Works? (3D Animation)

Want to learn How Lie Detector Test Works? This 3D Animated Video of Polygraph is for you.

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Let's see how will he get caught with the help of these devices.

The very first device is this Galvanograph. This Galvanograph is connected to the finger of this X person because fingertips have the most number of pores in the entire human body. A sudden change occurs in the physiological activities of a person when he lies. Following this, if his fingertips release sweat because of being under the stress by speaking a lie, the sweat will come in the contact with these plates of the Galvanograph. As soon as this contact happens, the sodium present in the sweat will with these these plates and a minute electric current will get generated, which will further flow to the polygraph device through these wires. This polygraph device will then generate the visuals of these signals and will show them on the laptop.

--Similarly - the device connected to the chest of this X person is called Pneumograph, which remains filled with the air. The pipe used in this Pneumograph device is that common pipe used in the kitchen sinks. If this person will lie, his respiration rate will increase or decrease, because of which, the air pressure inside this pipe will change, and that change in pressure will be displayed on the laptop in the form of signals by this polygraph record.

--The devices connected to the palm of the left hand are highly important and are called electrodermal sensors. It's function is to measure the galvanic skin response or GSR. This device will continuously pass a low, undetectable and constant voltage to our skin, and it will send the change of skin's electrical conductance to this polygraph occurring because of the sweat which will arrive on the palm on lying in the form of signal. The point is that researches show that these signals are generated from the sympathetic nervous system of the person, and they somewhere indicate the emotional arousal.

--The next device is this Cardiosphymograph. It is attached to the left upper arm very tightly and is connected with the polygraph with the help of a tube. When pressure travels through the vessels with some pressure, it creates some minute vibrations, and the polygraph record these vibrations and show them in the visual form.

--The last device connected to the polygraph is this activity sensor pad, which records the movements of the muscle. When this activity sensor pad was not used in the lie detector test, the accused persons used to prick a nail on their foot before the lie detection test to divert their mind. And now it's not possible. Activity sensor pad will record the muscle movements and show the extreme muscle movements on the laptop through the polygraph.

Finally, the last device is this camera, which keeps recording the entire interview as well as the facial temperature of the accused. As I told you that in 99% cases, a lier gets caught in this second round which is the relevant questions round, because of the technical advancements of these devices.

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