How To Boost Your STEM Career Growth | 2021 MAES Virtual Career Conference

An engaging discussion with experienced STEM professionals that took place at the 2021 MAES Virtual Career Conference to help you boost your STEM career and get expert advice about how to continue to grow your career. Each panelist identifies keys to managing your career growth and readiness to land your next opportunity.

Hector Del Castillo, Chief Product Officer of BoldPM, moderates a panel of experienced STEM professionals and managers who will share their insights and experiences to help you accelerate your career growth.

About The 2021 MAES National Virtual Conference and Career Fair

This panel discussion is part of the 2021 MAES (Latinos in Science & Engineering) National Virtual Conference and Career Fair on September 30 and October 1st. This conference provides you the opportunity to hear speakers, present on relevant topics, and meet representatives from private companies, public sector, and universities. Event is free to attend. Learn more here:

About MAES
Latinos in Science and Engineering (MAES) is the foremost Latino organization for the development of STEM leaders in the academic, executive, and technical communities. It promotes, cultivates, and honors excellence in education and leadership among Latino engineers and scientists.

About BoldPM
A product management and marketing consulting firm that inspires the next generation of product executives, founders and leaders to grow high performing product teams and implement processes and tools to turn ideas into valuable products customers love to increase product profitability and accelerate business growth.

If you are looking for an engaging and inspiring speaker to spark creativity and innovation within your organization, set up an appointment to discuss your specific needs and identify a suitable topic to inspire your audience at your next corporate conference, symposium, executive summit, or planning retreat.

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