How To Create A Storytime Animation Channel From A-Z | Step By Step

In this video I cover how to create a storytime channel from A-Z, a step by step process on starting your storytime animation channel today. All links mentioned in the video can be found below.

This animation tutorial is for fellow aspiring animators to learn how to animate and create their own story time videos like the big YouTube animators TheOdd1sOut, Jaiden Animations, Domics, Swoozie, and so many others (which are really inspiring).

00:00 Intro
00:30 Choosing a Name
01:26 Creating Your Character
02:27 The Big Idea
03:09 Creating Your Script
05:35 Storyboarding
07:10 Voiceover Recording
12:18 Audio Editing
13:40 Drawing & Animating
16:55 Video Editing
18:12 Final Wrap Up

Every animator starts from somewhere. You’ll make mistakes at the beginning but it's totally OK. As you do more, learn more and fail more you’ll get better and better over time. These are some of the best practices and experiences I’ve had creating my storytime animations.

It’s a little lengthy but I tried covering most aspects of the creation process, hope it's helpful for you guys.

A couple of useful downloads that I mentioned in the video:

Audio Software:
► Audacity:
► Levelator:

Art & Design Software:
► Krita

Free Animation Software:
► Opentoonz
► Blender (For PC / MacOS)
► FlipaClip (For iOs)
► FlipaClip(For Android)

Scripting and Storyboarding
► Google Docs:
► Miro (For Storyboarding):

Video Editor
► Davinci Resolve (One of the Best Free Apps for Editing):

Sample Lip Sync Visemes that I created:

(I personally use Adobe Creative Cloud Suite but since it's not totally free and costly for some, I excluded it from recommendations)

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