How to Yoru Animation Cancel 9.0 in Patch 4.08 - VALORANT | Animation Cancel | *its Bannable*

Link to original video : https://twitter.com/kunii_mitsu/status/1519776771482259457

We lost count of Animation Cancels Thank you for stopping by! Check out my other videos as well :) and watch the whole video for the algorithm. Here are the keybinds for Animation cancel 9.0 Glitch for yoru. After Riot fixed it there is a new yoru animation cancel in patch 4.08
*UPDATE NOTE* See Pinned Comment
You can use any keys
"Bind 1" Ult + Fire01
"Bind 2" Flash + Alternate Fire + Secondry Weapon + Drop weapon

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kuni's Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6BHPa5mxZE

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