How VELMA Became The Most Hated Show Of All Time

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Velma is currently the lowest-rated TV Series on IMDB, and has been called the most hated television show of all time. Let’s explore why.

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00:00 - Prologue
2:18 - Ad
4:00 - Introduction: The Most Hated Show of All Time
7:35 - What is Scooby Doo?
10:24 - What is Velma?
14:50 - Velma Sucks
34:32 - The Rest of the Gang Sucks Too
49:16 - How Velma Fails as a Scooby Doo Adaptation
56:00 - Velma’s Terrible Writing
1:14:39 - The “Comedy”
1:27:45 - Production Failures
1:35:04 - The Controversies
1:46:34 - Rage-bait
1:51:52 - Conclusion
1:54:29 - Outro

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