Iftar Party | Ramadan Special Episode 2023 | Ghulam Rasool - Islamic Cartoon | 3D Animation

Iftar Party | Ramadan Special Episode | Ghulam Rasool Cartoon | 3D Animation | Kids Land

Ghulam Rasool - Islamic Cartoon | The Spirit of Giving in Ramadan

In this special Ramadan episode of Ghulam Rasool, we see the importance of helping others, especially the less fortunate. Ghulam Rasool, Babloo, Uasid, and Faizan are having an iftar party at Noman's home, where they break their fast together.

During the meal, Ghulam Rasool takes the opportunity to teach them about the Islamic teachings of giving to the poor and needy in Ramadan. He explains the rewards of charitable acts and the blessings that come with helping others.

The group listens attentively and learns that Ramadan is not just about fasting but also about giving back to the community. Together, they discuss ways in which they can help the poor and needy, providing food, and volunteering their time.

Through this episode, we learn the true spirit of giving in Ramadan and the importance of being compassionate towards those in need. As Muslims, it is our duty to help those less fortunate and to show kindness and generosity to everyone around us.

Ghulam Rasool 3D Animation cartoon series in Urdu/Hindi for kids produced by Kids Animation Pvt Limited.
It entertains children as well as teaches them the fundamental principles of living in society. It also gives Islamic education, tells Islamic stories, and teaches prayers for various occasions.
This cartoon has 3 main characters: Ghulam Rasool, his sister Kaneez Fatimah and Raiqa and his friend Faizaan, Bablo ,Usaid, Faizan .

Our channel (Kids Land Official) contains programs, cartoons, animated stories, and poems aimed at entertaining and educating children about Islam and its beautiful teachings providing them with guidance on Islamic topics while keeping them entertained and away from other harmful content.
Ghulam Rasool is a 3D animated cartoon series in Urdu/Hindi for kids produced by Kids Land Animation

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