IFTF Ask a Futurist: Social VR Leading-Edge Behaviors

Lyn Jeffery, strategic design and foresight practitioner, researcher, lecturer, and IFTF Distinguished Fellow and IFTF Research Director Vanessa Mason discuss Social VR and leading-edge behaviors research, a methodology used in ethnographic foresight. Download the full report here: https://www.iftf.org/en/socialvrleb/

IFTF has a long history of using a variety of research methodologies that go beyond exploring the possibilities of emerging technologies in a technical sense to understand the changing human experience and values.

The methods of ethnographic foresight anticipate emergent futures by understanding the values, behaviors, and toolsets of future-facing people in the context of their daily lives. By looking at each individual as an expert futuremaker, leading-edge behavior research uncovers stories of experiences in the present that are likely to grow in scale and/or importance in the future.

ASK A FUTURIST is a public Q&A series sponsored by IFTF Vantage as a forum for you to ask questions and hear answers from IFTF futurists drawing on insights from years of research and experience. See more archived recordings here: https://www.iftf.org/vantage/askafuturist/

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