Informative session where Mariekie Coetzee shows how easy it is to develop a game in Blazor

What is Blazor?

During this session Mariekie will cover:
- What is Blazor
- Blazor vs Razor

Walk through the development of the game:
- Explaining different components of the game
- Discuss Blazor Lifecycles
- Discuss Blazor Parameters
- Discuss Blazor Event callbacks
- Call JS from .NET
- Implement Dependency Injection in Blazor
- Adding CSS

About Mariekie:
Mariekie is a Software Engineer at Azenix, a mother of 2 teenagers, married to her soulmate, and a wanna-be fit person. She loves the outdoors, camping, dreaming about the impossible, and getting childlike excited about developing apps.

Mariekie on Twitter https://twitter.com/mariekiecoetzee

Mariekie on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariekie-coetzee-%F0%9F%87%A6%F0%9F%87%BA-41342a2a/
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