Inhumanoids Explored - 80's Insanely Grotesque, Mature & Brilliant Cartoon Was Way Ahead Of Its Time

The eighties had a plethora of great cartoons and toy lines that allowed children to practically bring these cartoons home. One such toy line turned cartoon was the famous Inhumanoids that debuted in the year 1986. The Inhumanoids are the titular characters of this 80's children's cartoon that practically took kids by storm. What is so special about this tv show, you ask? Well, usually action cartoons were all about the cool heroes who defeated the bad guys with their hi-tech gadgets and were the central attraction of the show. However, in this particular series, all the focus was on these terrifying subterranean monsters who went on rampages and scared the people of Earth to no end. Yes, there was a group of heroes called the Earth Corps who always clashed against them but the stars of the series were undoubtedly the Inhumanoids.
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