Inspirational Stop motion Animated Short Film: Life Lesson People Learn Too Late

This is one of the best inspiring stop-motion animated short film that highlights the most important lesson people learn too late in life...
All seasons are very beautiful, each season brings a message along and evokes a feeling in us. The seasons come and go and life passes, we are constantly melting in dribs and drabs, this means the opportunity for living, happiness, smiling, learning, etc. is being lost. If we cannot properly use the moments in our lives and we don’t take the advantage of the tools that life gives us for the well-being and happiness of ourselves and others, a day will come when the last piece of our lives’ snow will meltdown. In this video which is inspired by winter and snow, we have portrayed this scenario by using tools that certainly no snowman will have, The reason we gave the snowman such inconsistent tools with its nature, is that we humans have such extraordinary tools beyond the imagination, which we don’t consider, and those tools are within our body such as eyes, ears, senses, thoughts, intelligence, and various other tools, but we always say we have nothing!

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