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Oh no! Itsy Bitsy Spider climbed up the water spout to go up to her little spider children, but itsy bitsy keeps falling down!

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00:00 Itsy Bitsy Spider
02:17 Johny Johny Yes Papa (Baby Version)
04:23 5 Little Ducks
08:09 Playtime Song (At The Field)
11:20 Are We There Yet? (No No Seatbelt)
15:30 Wheels On The Ambulance
18:55 Doctor Knows What's Good For You
22:10 Granny And Gramps Love Us
25:59 I Want To Be A Fireman
29:11 Play Safe In The Snow
32:57 Going To A Fair
36:43 Itsy Bitsy Spider (Playtime)
40:34 Wheels On The Bus (At School)
43:56 Going On An Airplane
47:31 When I Was A Baby
57:18 Let's Do What Animals Do
59:24 Exploring The Amusement Park
1:02:37 Loud And Quiet Animals
1:05:05 Quiet Time
1:08:53 Play Nice At School
1:13:00 No More Snacks Baby John
1:16:53 Jingle Bells
1:20:39 There Is A Skunk In The House
1:24:30 Color Mixing Magic
1:26:44 My New Little Pet
1:30:16 Daddy Got A Boo Boo
1:33:35 Summer And Winter
1:37:47 Everyone Helps Around The House
1:40:36 Play Safe With Toys
1:44:54 Playground Song
1:48:20 Princess For A Day
1:52:14 Hot And Cold 1 (Beach)
1:55:50 Yes Yes Fruits Are Good For You
1:59:55 Skating Together is Fun

⭐ Lyrics ⭐

Itsy Bitsy spider climbs up the water spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Her little baby spiders are calling out her name
So Itsy Bitsy spider tries and tries again

Itsy Bitsy spider hopes that she can fly
To save her little babies waiting way up high
They try to help her out but Itsy falls back down
So Itsy Bitsy Spider falls down one more time

Going to the rescue, they've got another plan
Itsy Bitsy Spider is ready to take flight
She flies up on her airplane but it falls back down
Her friends all come together and help her find the way
So Itsy bitsy spider can hug her kids again

Itsy Bitsy Spider climbs up to save the day
And her little baby spiders are happy as can be

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