Jesse Plays: Sons of Valhalla Demo

Sons of Valhalla is a sidescrolling base building strategy game. You take on the role of Thorald Olavson, the son of a Viking Jarl, to conquer England and save the love of your life.

When Thorald Olavson's village is burned down by Valgard, a Viking Jarl, he swears revenge. Not only that his father, a respected Viking, was killed in the devious attack, but also that his great love Raija fell victim to Valgard Varinsson. Therefore, he goes to England finding out what has become of Raija. Thorald soon realizes that Raija seems to play an important role for the English king and puts himself in ever greater danger ...

The core of Sons of Valhalla are the fast, intense action battles mixed with real time strategy elements.Create an army of Vikings and take them to war against England. Improve your skills and strengthen your warriors for the next battle. Build fortresses to ensure a steady flow of resources and warriors. Plunder and conquer enemy villages and castles.

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