Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run Stands portrayed by Gumball

For more Jojo stands portrayed by Gumball, check out the playlist below:

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run Stands portrayed by scenes from The Amazing World of Gumball.

For those unfamiliar with Steel Ball Run, here's basic summary of each stand's power:

Tusk ACT1: Allows the user to fire their nails at a high velocity like bullets.
Tusk ACT2: Same as ACT1 but now the nails disappear and leave a black hole.
Tusk ACT3: Allows the user to suck their body into the hole it creates.
Tusk ACT4: Embodies the infinite energy and rotation of the Golden Spin.
Ball Breaker: Allows the user to greatly age the target.
Ticket to Ride: Protects the user from harm by causing unlikely coincidences.
Oh! Lonesome Me: Allows the user to safely transfer their body parts along a rope.
Scary Monsters: Allows the user to control and turn people into dinosaurs.
Cream Starter: It's a spray can that can manipulate flesh.
In a Silent Way: Allows the user to create constructs out of sounds.
Hey Ya!: It clings on to the user's back and advises them through hardship.
Tomb of the Boom: A trio of Stands having three different abilities related to magnetism.
Listen to My Rhythm: Gives the user the ability to put explosives into any material he touches.
Wired: Manifests as a pair of hooked cables on the users tongue.
Mandom: Allows the user to rewind time six seconds in the past.
Catch the Rainbow: Allows the user to manipulate raindrops.
Sugar Mountain: Unleashes supernatural trials that test the greed and the avarice of anyone pursuing the treasures.
Tatoo You!: Allows the users to merge each others' bodies from the back.
Tubular Bells: Allows the user to blow into metallic objects and shape them as if they were balloons.
20th Century Boy: Protects the user from all harm as long as they sit on the ground.
Civil War: It brings to life everything and everyone that its victims have discarded.
Chocolate Disco: It has the ability to divide the environment into a grid and reposition anyone inside it.
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