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Bhuter Cartoon - Jungaler Kabrishtan ( Jungle Cemetery ) Ghost Animated Story by by Subhankar Bhattacharya.
Devjit came to attend the Annprashan ceremony of the only son of his colleague Tamal. He had come to Tamal's house a day before the ceremony. For a special work at Devjit's house, on the afternoon of the ceremony, he left for the railway station to go to his house. A little further on, the sky was covered with thick black clouds. Before it started to rain, he started walking along a jungle road to get to the train station quickly. But after crossing some paths, it started raining. He began to look around for shelter. He was very happy to see a house in front of him. But when he saw some graves around the house, he wondered who would build a house next to the graveyard in this deep Jungle!


This video is based on a fictional event. All the characters shown here are fictional (animated) and have no resemblance to reality. If in any way it matches reality, it is purely coincidental. All types of blood shown here are artificial which have no resemblance to the real. It is created just for entertainment.

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