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Let’s Go Cozy Coupe is a comedy community series for young kids. Join the vehicle residents of Beachtown as they get up to all sorts of adventures, hijinks and schemes around their joyful seaside hometown.
Cozy is the littlest, most curious coupe in a town full of colorful characters. Alongside his friends, Cozy takes part in events, solves mysteries, and goes on playful quests about town.

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Join Cozy Coupe on his fun educational adventures for kids. Cozy Coupe is an online series that helps kids to learn, get creative and have lots of fun! Tune in each week to enjoy new original kids videos.

00:00 Just Hangaring Around
02:16 Car Wash
04:32 Electric Avenue
07:05 Rescue to the Rescue
09:24 Picnic in the Park
11:32 Chief in Charge
13:49 Water You Doing?
15:55 Smooth Moves
18:01 CAR-nival
20:05 All Fired Up
22:37 Premiere Problems
25:01 Cozy Gets Lost in the Maze
26:59 Too Much CAR-bage
28:59 Chopper in the Outfield
30:57 The Talent Show

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