Kanji Anime | 心 (heart, mind)

Kanji Anime is a new series where you can learn Japanese kanji with characters. Today let’s learn the kanji 心 (“heart, mind”) and other 5 ones that have 心 in them. Make sure to check the stroke orders of each kanji as well in the late of this video!

00:00 Today's Kanji
02:53 心 (heart, mind)
03:05 愛 (love)
03:27 悲しい (sad)
03:48 怒る (to get angry, to get mad)
04:05 忙しい (busy)
04:19 忘れる (to forget)

心 (heart, mind)
*Kunyomi: こころ
*Onyomi : シン ex. 心臓 (しんぞう): heart (organ)

* What's Kunyomi and Onyomi?
Kunyomi (訓読み) and Onyomi (音読み) mean a way of reading kanji. Kunyomi is the Japanese pronunciation of a kanji whereas Onyomi is a pronunciation derived from Chinese (where kanji originated). Although there are many exceptions, typically a kanji is read in Kunyomi pronunciation when it appears as a single kanji while the Onyomi pronounciation is used when the kanji appears with other multiple kanji.


Kanji that have 心 as their radical:
愛 (あい): love
悲しい (かなしい): sad
怒る (おこる): to get angry, to get mad
忙しい (いそがしい): busy *心 becomes忄 when it comes on the left side of kanji
忘れる (わすれる): to forget



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