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Welcome to Moonbug Kids - Baby Cartoons and Kids Songs. In this channel, you will find the most MAGICAL nursery rhymes and kids cartoons that your children will love!

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Episode List:
Karate Song 0:00
Play Nice At School 3:39
Rescue Squad Is Here To Help 7:31
I Can Help Too! 10:56
Why Is My Skin So Itchy? 14:35
Trip To A Theme Park 17:54
Beach Day Adventure Song 21:10
Playtime Song (At The Playground) 24:28
Johny Johny Yes Papa (Baby Version) 26:46
No No I Don’t Want The Seatbelt 28:51
What's Inside The Package? 32:15
5 Little Princesses 34:15
Exploring The Amusement Park 37:40
Bath Song (Scrub A Dub Dub) 40:44
Yes Yes I Love Sports 43:52
This Is The Way (We Go To Bed) 47:27
Getting Ready For School 50:37
Who's At The Door? 53:34
Playdate With My Best Friend 57:04
Fire Safety Song 1:01:04
Making Funny Faces 1:04:18
Baby's Visit To The Dentist 1:07:41
If I Were A Fireman Or A Policeman 1:11:02
Baby's First Words 1:14:51
Thank You Song (Good Manners) 1:17:33
Bath Song (Toys) 1:21:37
Playground Song 1:24:56
I'm Ready To Explore 1:28:21
Tall And Short 1:31:14
Clean Up Song 1:33:59
Juice Song 1:36:43
Jill Had A Little Lamb 1:40:56
Tears Tears Go Away (It's OK To Cry) 1:44:56
Playtime Song (Building Blocks) 1:47:45
My New Little Pet 1:51:30
Are We There Yet? (No No Seatbelt) 1:54:53
Learn To Ride A Bike 1:58:53
We Learn To Play Instruments 2:02:17

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