KATHU 2 ♥ Malayalam cartoon full movie for children ★Full HD

Kathu 2 ★ New Malayalam cartoon full animation movie for kids ★ കാത്തു 2 ★ Kids stories and children's songs in malayalam after Manjadi and Pupi ♥ SUBSCRIBE US : https://goo.gl/NHbYQv

0:43 | 3:50 | 10:34 | 12:18 | 16:18 | 19:55 | 26:55 | 28:33 | 35:57 | 36:46 | 44:05

1) Ochayundakkathe pammippammi nadakkum
(Title song) | 0:43
2) Kusruthi story (Pranks) | 3:50
3) Musical | 10:34
4) Vashi story (Arrogance) | 12:18
5) Dindakai dendam song (Arrogance) | 16:18
6) Vinayam story (Politeness) | 19:55
7) Musical 26:55
8) Asooya Story (Envy) | 28:33
9) Musical | 35:57
10) Midukku story (Ability) | 36:46
11) Aru paranju meow song (who said meow) | 44:05

Kathu2 is the second volume of superhit malayalam animation cartoon series Kathu. Kathu is a family story. The cute kitten named Kathu is the central character of the movie. She lives with her mom dad and younger brother Kittu. Appu the squirrel and two grasshoppers are her best friends. Their neighbours include uncle crane, the kingfisher family and the oriole family, the mother hen and ker chiks. The haughty cat Kandan is the villain. Their pranks and plays comprises the movie.

The stories and songs of Kathu deal with essential life values for children. Kathu 2 comprises of five kids stories, three kids songs and three musicals. The stories are Pranks(kusruthi), Arrogance (vashi) Politness (vinayam) Envy (asooya) and Ability (midukku). The songs include Ochayundakkathe pammippammi nadakkum (Title song) Dindakai dendam (vashi song) and the superhit Aru paranju meow.

The first volume of Kathu released in 2011 for the first time. The animation film became a superhit among children within a very short period. Malayali families warmly welcomed the second part of Kathu in 2014. Without blood splashing violence and bad language the clean content of Kathu is unanimously accepted by teachers as the best aid for moral education. And soon Kathu was selected as the best children's programme by Government of Kerala in 2015.

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