Komi san Brother gets a HAREM instantly | Komi San wa| Komi Can't Communicate Episode 11

Komi san brother and mom show up to the school maid cafe, and her brother immediately gets a harem.

Subs are by... me lol Not 100% accurate

#komisan #komicantcommunicate

Checkout Episode 11 Videos:
Komi san Mom Meets Tadano: https://youtu.be/c3rt-9J4nn4
Komi san Baby Calls her COCO: https://youtu.be/YbAdcPTxsTY
Komi san in Maid Outfit: https://youtu.be/48DmKwD0hSA
Tadano is a Maid: https://youtu.be/2u_YuBo320s
Komi san Meets Otori Kaede : https://youtu.be/vzTo7KE2aJE
Komi san Class Deciding on Cultural: https://youtu.be/rCiZZ0jIl7s
Komi san Trying to Help: https://youtu.be/qP3sxqdlux0

Anime name:
Shouko Komi and Hitohito Tadano
Komi-san wa , Comyushou desu
Komi Can't Communicate
Communication Shougai desu
Komi Cant Communicate Episode
Komyushou desu
Comyushou desu
Komi san Episode
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