Kukuli – Diaper Bye Bye

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It is time to say bye bye to diaper! Kids will have toilet education with this funny song of Kukuli and will enjoy Diaper Bye Bye song! Let’s have fun together!

Our funny cartoon character Kukuli comes with a new episode and it is time to enjoy his funny song about it. Kids will enjoy these cartoons for them and kids songs and newest episodes by Kukuli for children, babies and toddlers!

When you were a baby boy
You wore your diapers with joy
You filled them up nice and tight
But then you would cry day and night
Now that you have grown big and tall
You don’t need diapers at all
Toss those diapers out the door
You don’t wear them anymore

Call out to your mum and dad
Need to pee,
Need to pee,
It’s that easy, don’t be shy

Toilet hay hay
Diaper bye bye

Open it on either side,
I took it off my butt with pride,
Easy when you know how
I am a grown up, big kid now!

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