Learn to Talk for Toddlers - Animals, Colors & More | Best Toddler Learning Video | For Kids

In this fun toddler learning video, Silly Miss Lily will learn about animals with a fun story. Through repetition, silly sounds, and while learning through play your child will learn first words and common phrases and sentences. This toddler learning video is perfect for kids who are starting to learn to talk. The engaging story, bright colors, and familiar animals will help your child learn new words and phrases. The best part is that you can watch the video again and again to help your child keep learning.

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This educational video for toddlers is the perfect way for your little one to learn to talk. This fun toddler learning video for kids includes learning about colors, counting, vehicle, simple phrases and common words. Toddlers and young kids will love learning with Miss Lily in this engaging and delightful learning video.

In this learning video for toddlers, silly Miss Lily goes over baby sign language basics and baby first words. Although this learning video is for babies and toddlers, it's also helpful for the parents and caregivers to learn the signs and practice them often with the children. When babies and toddlers are submerged with repetition of simple first words and gestures, they'll be eager to copy and imitate them by watching silly Miss Lily and locking in the knowledge at home through conversation with parents and caregivers. This way, even before they can talk, babies and toddlers can learn to communicate their needs effectively. As a result, parents and caregivers can feel more confident and bonded with their little ones. Moreover, this toddler learning video can help establish a strong foundation for language development. In other words, parents and caregivers who watch this video with their children can expect their little ones to progress quickly in learning how to talk.

In this learning video for kids, your child will not only learn sign language basics, but also vehicles, clothing, and every day words like cups and plates. Plus, they'll learn colors, counting, and how to open up toys with fun surprises inside. Your child will love learning with silly Miss Lily, and we'll also take a brain break with the fun freeze dance. We'll learn some opposites with the song Open Shut Them, and your child will be able to start talking in no time!

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0:00 - Learn Animals with a fun story
10:53 - First Words with Toys
22:52 - Baby First Words and Baby Sign Language
38:00 - Learn Common Kitchen Words & Brush Your Teeth
48:27 - Freeze Dance Party
53:41 - Learn Jungle Animals in the Barn
1:05:55 - Learn Vehicles for Kids
1:17:45 - Learn Counting and Colors with Surprise Baskets
1:37:00 - Opposites & Open Shut Them
1:40:33 - Learn Clothing with a Wooden Puzzle for Kids
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