Leo the Truck & the airport. Full episode cartoons for kids. Leo the Truck NEW SEASON.

Watch full episode cartoons for kids and build a new airport with Leo the Truck and his friends! This is a Leo the Truck NEW SEASON full episode! Toy robots are getting ready for a trip, they are packing suitcases. Hurry up, robots for kids or you will be late for the plane. Oh no, it’s too late, the toy plane for kids just took off. Don’t be sad, toy robots, Lea the Truck invites you to travel by the next plane. And Leo the Truck is ready to build a new airport to spend some time there while robots for kids are waiting for another plane. Watch car cartoons for children in English and play with Leo the Truck and his friends - Lifty the forklift, Scoop the excavator, Lea the Truck and funny robots for kids.

00:01 - Leo the Truck and a new airport
07:31 - Leo the Truck and a cable car
15:06 - A control tower for Lea the Truck

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