Leo the Truck & the camera - Street vehicles cartoon for toddlers & car cartoons for kids.

Come and watch a new street vehicles cartoon for toddlers about Leo the Truck and a camera for cars and trucks for kids! Find all the new car cartoons for kids about Leo the Truck and his adventures on our kids' cartoon channel. Build new street vehicles and construction vehicles for kids, play car games for kids and learn colors for kids with Leo the Truck and his friends. Let's build a camera to take photos with Leo's friends - Lea the Truck, Scoop the excavator, Lifty the forklift and funny robots for kids. We will also build a remote control boat, a control tower, a counce castle and a new attraction for cars and trucks. It's so cool! Can't wait to play with all of them! Let's start the game now!

00:26 - Leo the Truck and a camera
07:10 - Leo the Truck and a remote control boat
13:26 - Lea’s control tower
20:00 - Leo the Truck and a bounce castle
26:28 - Leo the Truck and a new attraction

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