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00:00 Let's Get Ready To Play (Morning Routine Song)
01:53 Let's Learn About the Animals
03:57 Feelings Song (Happy and You Know It)
05:58 Washing the Car
07:52 Making Shapes Song
09:40 Juggling Counting Song
11:37 Rainbow Party
13:38 Counting Bananas Lullaby
15:38 Getting Ready for Bed
17:34 Picnic in the Living Room
19:41 I See You Song
21:38 Puzzle Song
23:28 Body Parts Exercise Song
25:28 Camping Song
27:27 Driving to the Beach
29:13 Musical Instruments Song
31:04 Smoothie Colors Song
33:02 At the Beach
35:09 Messy Little Monkey
37:08 Recycling Song
39:03 Hopscotch Counting
40:59 Treehouse Opposites Song
42:50 Monkey ABC
44:50 Flying a Kite
46:47 Super Salad Song (Let Me Hear You Crunch)
48:36 Tower Counting Song
50:41 Pizza Song
52:53 Count and Catch
54:50 Getting Dressed Colors Song
56:50 ABC Hip Hop
58:45 Counting Cars
1:00:42 The Circles Song

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